Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 1.588.438.078 (2.)
Tribe: Domino

Villages (4439)CoordinatesPoints
Dark Light686|4379.999
Dark Light678|4079.999
Dark Light696|4449.999
Dark Light679|4089.999
Dark Light694|4249.999
Dark Light701|4479.999
Dark Light701|4489.999
Dark Light692|4249.999
Dark Light704|4529.999
Dark Light658|3659.999
Dark Light696|4299.999
Dark Light704|4579.999
Dark Light695|4459.999
Dark Light705|4509.999
Dark Light698|4459.999
Dark Light710|4729.999
Dark Light710|4699.999
Dark Light702|4469.999
Dark Light707|4559.999
Dark Light711|4649.999
Dark Light707|4519.999
Dark Light704|4509.999
Dark Light707|4509.999
Dark Light702|4449.999
Dark Light710|4689.999
Dark Light711|4689.999
Dark Light697|4279.999
Dark Light707|4479.999
Dark Light704|4499.999
Dark Light709|4569.999
Dark Light706|4689.999
Dark Light704|4519.999
Dark Light711|4579.999
Dark Light704|4399.999
Dark Light714|4649.999
Dark Light709|4469.999
Dark Light706|4489.999
Dark Light711|4549.999
Dark Light703|4479.999
Dark Light706|4529.999
Dark Light711|4599.999
Dark Light710|4559.999
Dark Light693|4259.999
Dark Light708|4509.999
Dark Light710|4649.999
Dark Light705|4519.999
Dark Light708|4549.999
Dark Light704|4309.999
Dark Light708|4529.999
Dark Light715|4649.999
Dark Light716|4619.999
Dark Light715|4589.999
Dark Light710|4709.999
Dark Light710|4669.999
Dark Light712|4669.999
Dark Light718|4709.999
Dark Light711|4619.999
Dark Light705|4219.999
Dark Light710|4529.999
Dark Light705|4489.999
Dark Light715|4569.999
Dark Light718|4689.999
Dark Light713|4449.999
Dark Light712|4659.999
Dark Light711|4539.999
Dark Light711|4669.999
Dark Light710|4519.999
Dark Light714|4699.999
Dark Light705|4259.999
Dark Light718|4659.999
Dark Light716|4659.999
Dark Light716|4669.999
Dark Light718|4549.999
Dark Light709|4499.999
Dark Light712|4679.999
Dark Light719|4659.999
Dark Light718|4679.999
Dark Light719|4539.999
Dark Light719|4589.999
Dark Light717|4539.999
Dark Light716|4559.999
Dark Light710|4489.999
Dark Light711|4429.999
Dark Light707|4219.999
Dark Light711|4509.999
Dark Light719|4488.556
Dark Light718|4579.999
Dark Light720|4529.999
Dark Light715|4579.999
Dark Light712|4289.999
Dark Light719|4569.999
Dark Light711|4399.999
Dark Light721|4569.999
Dark Light711|4459.999
Dark Light708|4209.999
Dark Light720|4429.999
Dark Light723|4539.999
Dark Light721|4539.999
Dark Light721|4619.999
Dark Light716|4509.999
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Personal text

Goodbye my dearest friend.

You were a brother to me.

Achieved daily awards
44x Defender of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as a defender on on 18.05.2012 (7.777.474 units)!
30x Attacker of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as an attacker on 13.02.2013 (1.867.275 units)!
25x Great power of the day
You took over the most villages in this world on 20.02.2012 (95 villages)!
12x Plunderer of the day
You plundered the most villages in this world on 02.08.2012 (424 villages)!
9x Looter of the day
You plundered the most resources in this world on 02.08.2012 (53.344.103 resources)!